October 22….The Puppies Arrived in Record Time !

The puppies came on Wednesday morning during a huge Nor’easter with high winds and driving rain.  Though I knew the time of whelping was coming the first pup’s arrival took me a bit by surprise as Trinity had been quite calm and quiet all morning.  The kids had a half day and I had just packed John in his carrier and was about to head out to pick up the crew.  I turned around to triple check Trin and see that she was ok and she was delivering a puppy right at that moment.  Holy crap! She was sneaky about it. I made a frantic call to Paul to ask for his help in picking up the kids while John and I stayed home to begin the whelping process. The first pup arrived about 10 minutes later, a petite adorable little boy pup.  The arrivals were steady, sometimes two pups arriving within 5-10 minutes of each other and other times as much as 30-60 minutes later.  The last pup arrived at 3:03pm for a record breaking delivery time of 3hrs 33 min. I have never in my 10 yrs of breeding had a litter that arrived as quickly and as easily as this litter. Trinity is supermom!  I still can’t get over the fact that we whelped 9 puppies, 6 girls, 3 boys, in that short a time period. Amazing.  I am so grateful for a stress free, uncomplicated whelping….thank you , thank you, thank you !



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